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Reserch is one of the ways to find answers to your questions


The scientist do research to improve science and they find answers for help people.

A consumer research to find aboutwhat he is buying.

Why is research important to society?

Because besides being a way of increasing cur knowledge, you could know points of view of every kinds of people around the world.

Themost important things discovered by human

For my the most important material thing is the tv because it’s a a very important way of communication and entretaiment and also it is a very good way tospend your time, ofcourse you can watch dirty or violent programns but if you wath the tv with responsibility you will enjoy it in a positive way.

The Reserch Process

Step1 Formulation ofresearch problem (what)

Step 2 Find out the way you are going to obtain your results (conceptualizing) a research design) (How)

Step 3 Find the result

Action research.Methodology can combine anction and research to examine specific questions issues or prenomena though observation and reflection.

Aplied Reserch. Research undertaken to solve practical problemns ramer man toacqure knowledge

Clinical Reserch. Research studies understaken to determine better ways to prevent diagnostics.

Basic Reserch. Experimental and mechanical workundertaken to acquire newknowledgewithout looking for long term

Evaluation research: Conducting to measure the effectiviness of a conceptin in achieving its objectives.

Qualitative Reserch: undertaken to gain insights toexplore a social human problem.

Quantitive research: concerned with the measurements..

Aritmetica: Es la parte d ela matematica que estudia los numerous.

Clasificacion de Numeros.

Num.Naturales: se usan para contar cosas, la cantidad es infinita (TODOS)

Num. Enteros: El conjunto formado por los num. Positivos, los negativos y el cero.

Num Reales: Conjunto formado por los números...
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