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1. What were the COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES of in comparison with other then-powerful social sites such as MySpace? In other words, what made DIFFERENT and SUCCESSSFUL?• It was an exclusive page where you could share your biography and daily life events, you could also update your relationship status, the advantages where that Facebook offered more options and createda centered social personal network in which you had control of what is posted.
2. Facebook is a business and all businesses have the goal of making money selling goods or services. Is Facebook agood or a service? Why?
• Many think of it as a good because it can be contemplated as a commercial object for of the usage it may imply, but as for my point of view it is merely a service forsocializing and meeting new people and also for advertising, it completes the work of any other communication service the difference is that is a more elaborated and organized communication service where youchoose what you want to see speaking of the advertisements.
3. All businesses exist to satisfy a human need o want. What need or want does Facebook satisfy? (It is explicitly explained by Markduring the movie).
• The need for people to create their own social community and to be in constant communication, as well as to show other person their own biography or in other words their personallives
4. All new businesses involve taking risks. What do you think Mark Zuckerberg and friends risked by founding their business?
• They risked in inverting in an uncertain business such as a socialnetwork which by those days they were unpopular or not in such a demand, so they risked in inverting in an enterprise that depended in the people’s reaction or respond to be fully functional and upgoing.
5. Explain one of the dangers that threatened the company in its early inception.
• The fact that many people complained because of the invasion of privacy violation, in many cases people...
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