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This reflection paper will talk about the reading for this week of Nicholas Machiavelli, of the chapters assigned 1, 2, 5 and 12 of the book The works of Nicholas Machiavelli. This author speciallycaught my attention since the first time I read it during my bachelor studies. This is due to the false reputation of being corrupt and unmoral. Of course all I knew about him was just things thatother people said or not even that, but the popular phrases of “a Machiavellian mind” or “Machiavellian plan”. But after reading The Prince(the book that gave him this fame) I realize he never talk aboutall the things that were attributed to him. In fact I think what he wrote was observing the reality and suggesting ways to improve the way of ruling benefiting the society. Then come to me the idea ofanalyzing who where those who condemn him and the reasons behind this. For example the Holy Inquisition excommunicated all those who read Machiavelli. But if we look back it was Monks and priests whohe was criticizing and of course these are the people who condemn him and didn’t agree with his ideas. We also must see from what perspective is Machiavelli writing, what is the political and socialcontext, because every author is influences by his life for the development of their ideas and writings. With this reading I confirm something I already knew; Machiavelli´s idea of the foundation ofgovernment States, with fear of God, love of unity and order, honest industry, strict regard to justice, good military discipline, temperance among others. I will talk a little bit about each of thechapters assigned, remarking the most important ideas and my reflection about them. Some I will just summarize real fast and in some of there I will reflect more.

Chapter I talks about the origins ofcities and specially the origin of Rome. He says that all cities are founded either by natives of the country where they are situated or by foreigners. The first case happens because they need to...
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