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Reflections of This Life

by Mari T
Seated with a vague stare
Looking towards the infinite,
My soul and mind united,
Reflect on all that lives.
How ephemeral is happiness
In this complicatedlife,
And how long is the anguish
Of the wait for something better
In one's life.
How bitter is youth
If life does not permit you to live it.
And you were not able to enjoy,
The innocent crazythings of life.
How sad is knowing love
And knowing that such love
is impossible.
How sad is seeing happiness,
Pass by your side And you remain
with your hands empty.
How sad not to love thatfriend,
Who understands you
and is always with you,
He, who always worries about you,
Waiting for the crumbs
you offer to him.
How sad to see a desperate mother
For her son who is buried inaddiction,
Crying out for help,
because she feels
That the world
has crashed down upon her.
How sad is seeing
little girls having children,
Abandoning them anywhere,
As if this were a thing
Andnot a precious life.
How sad it is to walk
blindly through life
Without knowing the Living God,
Who gives you strength to go on living
In this complicated life.
Today I have seen my soul and myheart
Bleed while weeping, joined in their pain
For all that my soul has seen
And my heart has felt.

Reflexiones de esta vida

por Mari T
Asentado con una mirada fija vaga
Mirando hacia elinfinito,
Mi alma y mente unieron,
Refleje en todo que viva.
Cómo es efímera es la felicidad
En esta vida complicada,
Y cuánto tiempo es el anguish
De la espera para algo mejor
En su vida.
Cómoes amarga es la juventud
Si la vida no permite que usted viva él.
Y usted no podía gozar,
Las cosas locas inocentes de la vida.
Cómo es triste está sabiendo amor
Y sabiendo que tal amor
Cómo es triste está viendo felicidad,
Pase por su lado y usted permanece
con sus manos vacie.
Cómo es triste no amar a ese amigo,
Quién le entiende
y está siempre con usted,
Él, que se...
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