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Chart Recorders
Models 202E, 202N, 242E, and J8A
Barton chart recorders are the industry standard for accurate, reliable measurement and recording of pressure, differential pressure, andtemperature in a wide variety of applications. In addition, DP models utilize Barton’s rupture-proof bellows DPU as
the actuating unit – with features like overrange protection and pulsation dampening (on somemodels).

Common Components
• Case – is made of rugged, lightweight die-cast aluminum that features a built-in rain-shield. It is finished in polyurethane electrostatic powder paint that has a highresistance to weathering, scratches, and industrial fumes. aircraft-type door hinge (made of 302 SST) provides excellent resistance to salt spray and H2S. A closed neoprene gasket, non-absorbent tofluids and resistant to oils and most solvents, provides the seal between the door and the case.
• Optional “S” versions use a
stainless steel case or a corrosion resistant “offshore coating” forharsh saltwater environments.
• Chart Drive – Available in battery and spring-wound versions with a wide variety of chart speeds. All chart drives, with simple positive chart lock hub, areinterchangeable.
• NuFloTM Charts – are made from “woodfree” paper – a special low shrinkage high quality product that eliminate eccentric and elliptical errors. Charts are shrink wrapped to help maintain thefactory default size until it is opened by the user. Once a box of charts is opened, it can be stored in the supplied plastic re-sealable storage bag.

• Recording Mechanism – All parts are stainlesssteel for long life. The pen mount is exceptionally rugged and pen shafts are fitted with ball pivots to minimize friction. All links are adjustable, with micrometer adjustments for accuratecalibration. All adjustments have screwdriver slots to simplify calibration. Disposable pens are standard.
• Pressure Elements – Used in
Models 202E, 242E, and J8A are precision wound helical-type available...
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