Relative clauses

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Relative Clauses

|relative pronoun |use |example |
|who |subject or object pronounfor people |I told you about the woman who lives next |
| | |door.|
|which |subject or object pronoun for animals and things |Do you see the cat which is lying on the roof?|
| |subject or object pronoun forpeople, animals and things in |I don’t like the table that stands in the |
|that |defining relative clauses (who or which are also possible) |kitchen.|
|whose |possession for people animals and things |Do you know the boy whose mother is a nurse? |

Relative Adverbs

|relative adverb |use|example |
| | | |
|when|refers to a time expression |the day when we met him |
|where |refers to a place |the place where we methim |
|why |refers to a reason |the reason why we met him |

I Choose one of the following relative pronouns who, which orwhose

1) The children, ------- shouted in the street, are not from our school.
2) That's Peter, the boy --------- has just arrived at the airport.
3) The man, ----------father is a professor,forgot his umbrella.
4) Mr Richards, ---------is a taxi driver, lives on the corner.
5) Thank you very much for your e-mail --------was very interesting.
6) The car, -----------driver is a young...
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