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• Why do we thing doing something specific in ethics (classes, organizational training and initiatives..) is important examples: social trends such as going green, etc.; diversity; communication andnew technology allow us to be better informed about what organizations are doing, ETC.
• Why focus on ethics? A management perspective (increased diversity of values, cultures, beliefs about what is“right, good, fair, honest, respectful”; increasing public expectations towards organizations; increased expectations of transparency and accountability; need trust to live together and to dobusiness-trust is related to perceived integrity and concern for others; employee commintiment and motivation-renewing with the meaning of one’s work; equilibrium between the coomon good and indivudalism andrights; increasing complexity of issues; globalization; etc.
• The Cost of a Lack of Ethics in Organizations (increased risks of a crisis, lawsuits, accidents, fines; loss of trust of keystakeholders “clients, partners, public, employees, shareholders…”; increased costs due to lack of quality or efficiency or poor client service; inaccurate information affecting decision making; loss of keyemployees or difficulty in recruiting the best; …plus the social and human costs!)
• What is Ethics? (ethics is more than just compliance with the law or obeying company policy doing the best we can dounder the circumstances; reasoning: making critical assessment of the consequences of what we are about to do and the values involved; taking responsibility for our choices and our actions and beingready to justify them; an ongoing questioning of our practices)(Applied ethics is seeking to make decisions and the act in a way that is consistent with organizational and personal values; moralprinciples of the society where one works and globally recognized moral principles; social expectations including compliance with the law and international standards; the possible consequences of...
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