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Repaso de Fisica Examen Final

Capitulo 1:

1. Define Physics and the concepts it studies- Physics is about the nature of basic things such as motion, forces, energy, matter, heat, sound, light, and the composition of atoms.
2. The parts of the Scientific Method- The parts of the Scientific Method are:
• Recognize a problem
• Make and educated guess-hypothesis-about the answer
• Predictthe consequences of the hypothesis
• Perform experiments to test predictions
• Formulate the simplest general rule that organizes the main ingredients:
hypothesis, prediction and experimental outcome

3. Define Scientific fact- The Scientific fact is a close argument by competent observers who make a series of observations of the same phenomenon.

4. Difference between hypothesis andtheory- A hypothesis is an attempt to explain phenomena. It is a proposal, a guess used to explain something. A theory is the result of testing a hypothesis and developing an explanation that is taken to be true about a phenomena. A theory replaces the hypothesis.

5. Difference between independent and dependent variable- The independent variable is also called an experimental variable. It is thevariable being manipulated in the experiment in order to show the effect on the dependent variable. The dependent variable is also called the response variable. It is the variable being observed in the experiment. A change in the independent variable is what causes the change (if any) in the dependent variable, which is the purpose of the experiment.

6. What does a controlled experiment consistof? - A scientific investigation in which both the control group and experimental group(s) are kept under similar variables apart from the factor under study so that the effect or influence of that factor can be identified or determined.

Medidas de sistema:

7. Scientific Notation- 47000000=4.7 x 10^7 y 0.00000000564= 5.64 x 10^9
8. Extended form- 476= 400+70+6
9. Adding and SubtractingScientific Notation numbers-
2.5 x 10^2 + 3.7 x 10^3 = 3.95 x 10^3
10. (2.5 x 10^2)(3.7 x 10^3)= 9.25 x 10^5
11. 787=3 cifras y 90= 1 cifra
12. 787=800 y 921= 900
13. 2.5 + 3.75= 6.25= 6.3 because you elevate the decimal to the nearest tenth
14. 6.56 x 5.0= 32.8= 33 because you elevate it to the least number of significant figures
15. Basic and Derived Units- Length, Mass and Time are basicwhile Area, Volume and Density are derived units
16. Magnitud and symbol of basic SI units- length=m and mass=kg
17. Basic units of SI system- length=meter, mass=kilogram and time=second
Análisis Dimensional:
18. Si measurement conversions- 500mm=50cm=5dc=0.5m
19. 50 cm 10mm = 50(10)= 500mm
1 cm
20. Conversion Factors- 1m=100cm y 1km=1000m
21. Identify if mass, volume, weight, time,length, etc.- km, kL, kg, ks, etc.
Equilibrio Mecanico: Capitulo 2
22. Conditions for an object to be at equilibrium- the object must be expressed in equilibrium with the following formula: EF=0 which means that the sum of all forces must equal zero.
23. Static and dynamic equilibrium- Objects at rest are static and objects moving at a constant rate are dynamic
24. Tension force, normalforce, gravity force and friction force- Tension force is what is called” stretched force” which is usually when you suspend yourself to ropes. Normal force is any push or pull. Gravity force is when gravity pushes you towards the ground and that’s why we don’t float. Friction forces is any opposite force that makes and object become at rest
25. Vector and scalar quantity- Vector uses both magnitudeand direction while scalar only uses magnitude.
26. Individual forces in an equilibrium system with EF=0- When the sum of two forces make and equilibrium system then the individual forces are more than or less than the other forces
27. Galileo in Physics- The mayor contribution for Galileo Galilee was the demolition of the notion that a force is necessary to keep and object moving.
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