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The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make
By Sean Covey

Well it talks about the decisions you’ll have to make during teen years like:- school: what are you going to do about your education?
- friends: what type of friends you will choose & what kind of friend you will be?
- parents: if you are going to get along with yourparents?
- dating & sex: who will you date & what will you do about sex?
- addictions: - what will you do about smoking, drinking, drugs & other addictive stuff?
- self-worth: will you choose to likeyourself?

The author goes beyond just schooling. It tells you about TALENT (what are you really good at?), PASSION (what do you love doing?), NEED (what does the world need that I can get paidfor doing that?) & CONSCIENCE (what do I feel I should do?), so it’s like a process for finding your niche (niche is like doing what you love & loving what you do!)

It has a 'Getting toKnow You' Questionnaire, with one for teens & one for parents.It also has the 'Getting to Synergy Action Plan', which is a five step process (with a built-in 'First Seek to Understand' & ThinkWin-Win') for teens who want to resolve disagreements in a mature way with their parents & vice versa. This is really good!

Self Worth:
The author says that there’s a big difference between 'self esteem'& 'self worth'. He says, "self esteem is your opinion of yourself. It goes by other names, including self image, self confidence or self respect." He prefers the term 'self worth' best because hethinks "it says something the other terms don't.
The author says, the smart decisions or choices you make is your self worth is the result of you being smart about your five decisions (school, friends,parents, dating & sex, addictions).

I loved this book cause its’ pretty funny, it has stories from teens all over the world, cartoons and each chapter has The TOP TEN things you oughta know about...
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