Resumen sons and lovers

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The book starts presenting the Morel family; they live in England, in the town of Bestwood. Gertrude Morel is married to William Morel; he works as a miner and is a terrible husband whomakes really unhappy his wife. Because of that she focuses all her love to her sons, first William and then Paul. William was very intelligent and ambitious; he got a very good job in London. He sendsmoney to his mother and by Christmas give presents to all the family. His mother was very proud of him, but he dies soon of a skin disease, after marrying a woman that his mother never approved. Afterthis, Mrs. Morel was devastated and focuses her attention and love to her other son: Paul, and the two become inseparable. Paul also loves his mother and didn’t like his father, especially because hewas always drunk and didn’t help the family. When Paul was fourteen, his mother got him a job and takes him to an interview and he got the job because he speaks French. He didn’t want to work likethat, but his mother expects that from him. Paul feels "a prisoner of industrialism," and only wants a simple life. He gave all the money he win to his mother to help her economically, and Mrs. Morel wasvery happy and proud of him. Later on, Paul will know a girl called Miriam. Paul starts spending a lot of time with this girl, and stars becoming more a men. When Mrs. Morel notices that his son isspending his time with Miriam she felt like she was trying to get Paul away from her, even though Miriam really likes Paul. This reaction of Paul’s mother to his relation with Miriam will affect it,because Mrs. Morel makes Paul do what she wants. Finally, he soon loses interest in her and later on, he told Miriam that they should break up the relation. Then, another woman appeared in Paul’s life:Clara Dawes. Paul grows attracted to Clara, an older, sensual woman separated from her husband Baxter Dawes. She is interesting and that intrigues Paul, and Clara also likes Paul. Then, he starts a...
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