Retorno de inversión

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May 2009

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May 2009

Document J14

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Kronos Workforce Central enables companies to reducepayroll error, reduce human resources management time and cost, and increase employee productivity by providing a centralized system for managing all the facets of the employee lifecycle. The solution can also increase visibility into labor issues and costs for improved decision making.

Kronos Workforce Central is an integrated suite of workforce management applications. The suite providescentralized management and control of all facets of the human resources lifecycle, and it also enables employees to take advantage of self-service functions. Employee self-service capabilities speed the administration of human resources services and increase the accuracy of data because employees can input their personal information directly into the system. Automation of manual human resource processeseliminates the administrative time that the employee and the human resources staff need to spend on tasks such as: Enrolling in benefits programs Establishing and managing work schedules Submitting and tracking timesheets Reporting and tracking vacation time Reviewing performance Tracking skills and certification Helping to ensure compliance with bodies of rules and regulations, such as collectivebargaining agreements, as well as federal, state, and local laws. Key functionality of the Kronos Workforce Central Suite include the following: Human resources. Workforce Central provides a human resource management solution (HRMS) that contains functionality to manage benefits administration, training and development, employee relations, compensation planning, applicant tracking, and monitoringfor regulatory compliance. Scheduling. Workforce Central provides a centralized view of staff schedules and automates the process of building, managing, and tracking employee scheduling. Time and attendance. Workforce Central provides automated tracking and management of employee work hours. Its pay rules engine stores and automatically calculates hours-worked information for consistency inapplying rules and policies throughout the organization. For more detailed information on savings from improved timekeeping, please refer to Nucleus report G45, Kronos Workforce Timekeeper ROI Evaluation Report. Payroll. Workforce Central manages the payroll process with support for tax filing information, integrates time and attendance data to streamline the reconciliation between time reporting andcheck creation, and interfaces to general ledger systems for cost accounting. Absence management. Kronos controls the impact of employee absences with a single comprehensive view of absence types such as vacations, FMLA leave,

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May 2009

Document J14

illness, and tardiness, enabling managers to have complete visibility into absence trends and patterns for more proactive management. Self-service. Workforce Central provides self-service capabilities that present a central entry point for employees to handle all facets of their HR administration. WorkforceCentral can be housed on a corporate intranet and configured with user access definitions that determine read/write permissions based on job position. Managers can have a consolidated view of employee data, including salary and performance review history and vacation accruals. Employees can access all benefit information and training options, and they can initiate any necessary changes to their...
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