Revolucion De China

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Chinese Revolution (1911 – 1949)
Rafael Moises Pacheco Dominguez

Between 1911 and 1949 there were some various movements that consist in changing government, some count them as 4revolutions4 such as:
One from 1911 to 1912 were the inefficient emperors, lack of ability on Manchu’s leadership corruption, political decentralization, etc were a cause to end the world longest lastingempire.6 It was triggered when by an accident on Russia territory Russian police find out of a plot against china’s government instead of keeping it on secret they decide to make something about it.3On November 15 provinces were already proclaimed independent from Qing Empire. To prevent foreign intervention Sun Yat-sen agreed on China being under Beijing government headed by Yuan Shikaki. 2 10Then in 1913 July 7 provinces rebelled against Yuan government, their causes were that they didn’t feel compensated by helping with the revolution and also they felt that Yuan Shikaki only reach thepresidency by political maneuvers than helping with the revolution. At the end Yuan had to agree that Outer Mongolia and Tibet were independent from China.6

At 1925 there was something called theNorthern Expedition a military campaign which purpose was to strike/protest against western imperialism and warlords so Kuomintang could unify and control of China. The Northern Expedition endedn aperiod of disorder but couldn’t solve the warlord problem.1 5
The last period is called the war of liberation is the final stage of military conflict, Mao Zedong Established the People’s Republic ofChina.8
I think this revolution had many meaning not only in China but in the general world, it was of many meaning to next revolutions and movements against government.7
Even though the sourcesweren’t the best ones I couldn’t fins significant contradiction between them, even if I tried to read between the lines.

1Chan J. (2009) The tragedy of 1925–1927 Chinese Revolution Retrieved from:...
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