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Rome is a big city with lots of historical content.
I think it's a very elegant and sophisticated city; Rome is the heart of the Catholic religion.Presents diverse natural landscapes and environmental features.
Its climate is Mediterranean, which is temperate middle latitude, with hot summers, particularly soft in the period of spring and autumn.
Rome was founded, according to tradition, by Romulus and Remus, suckled by a she-wolf both on 21 April 753 a.C
Middle Ages
With the end of the Western Roman Empire in Rome takes place a period marked by thepresence barbaric in Italy and, especially, by the affirmation of the Church in power (with the Pope as head), which replaced the Empire and brought down the bridge would have joined the ancient with the new world.
Modern Age
After the Lutheran Reformation (1517) and the sack of Rome by Charles V (1527), was held the Council of Trent, completed in 1563, which confirmed to Rome as capital of thePapal States, although since that time the figure Pope diminishes its influence on European policy.
Recent history
Rome is the only city in Italy has not only municipal memories: the whole history of Rome from the time of the Caesars to the present, is the story of a city whose significance extends infinitely beyond its territory of a city destined to be the capital of a great state.
Theemblem of the Municipality consists of a shield pointed, purple, with gold Greek cross, placed at the top right, followed by the capital letters of gold S. P. Q. R. arranged and scaled band, topped by eight flowers of gold, five of which are visible.
The town motto is SPQR, Romanus Populusque Latin Senatus (the Senate and People of Rome), indicating that in ancient times were the two classes ofRoman society, that of the patricians and the plebeians.
In the course of its history, spanning three millennia, was one of the first great metropolisof humanity. It was the heart of one of the most important ancient civilizations, which influenced society, culture, language, literature, art, architecture, philosophy, religion, law and the dress of later centuries; was the capital of the RomanEmpire, which stretched its domain over the entire Mediterranean basin and much of Europe, and the Papal States, under the command of the temporal power of the Popes.
Monuments and landmarks
Rome is the capital of the world! Here is renewed throughout world history, and I feel to be born a second time, and have really revived, the day I set foot in Rome. Their beauties I have risen gradually above.Religious Architecture
the Pantheon, Church of St. Mary of the Martyrs.
Basilica of St. John Lateran.
St. Peter in the Vatican.
House of the Vestals.

Civil architecture
The Campidoglio.
The Trevi Fountain.
Arch of Constantine.
The Coliseum.
The Quirinal.
Italian Citizenship Building.

Military buildings
The Pyramid of Cestius and the door of St. Paul.Sant'Angelo Bridge leading to the castle of the same name.

Other buildings
Spain Square.
Aurelian Column.
Piazza Navona.
St. Peter's Square and the colonnade of Bernini.

Archaeological sites
The Baths of Caracalla.

Natural areas
The Lake Gardens and the Temple of Aesculapius in Villa Borghese.

I heard that in Rome the pedestrian and vehicular traffic is extremely dense, there is not much courtesy driversto pedestrian traffic. the vehicle fleet is comprised of motorcycles and bicycles, that because gas prices in Europe generally are obscene beyond the streets in the historic center are very narrow and during the weekends are closed for cars general. It's funny to see people dressed elegantly driving his motorcycle to and from their jobs, men and women alike are transported by motorbike...
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