Romeo and juliet assay

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Daniel Soler
Sra. Thomas

Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet are written by Shakespeare. The differences and look a likes ofboth plays. I’ll show how Shakespeare did his plays; a like or totally different. Focusing on every little thing in the plays helps to compare them. Comparing things like play genre, characters,setting etc. Also will be comparing other aspects of the plays. By comparing the plays well learn if Shakespeare did them a like or different.

At First look the 2 plays have the same genre of tragedy.Also the plays have things that are fiction; in Romeo and Juliet there’s the potion that makes Juliet appear dead; in Macbeth there are witches. The families in the plays are always involved in somepart of the story. Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet are a like because the story involves love something. Hamlet is story about revenge and betrayal not a like Romeo and Juliet that talks about true love thisshows how the plays are different. In Romeo and Juliet there’s war between the families in Hamlet there’s treason; in both plays the families are dysfunctional.

Of the 2 plays Hamlet is the mostinvolved with the Families of the protagonist. In Hamlet the story is about Hamlet taking revenge for his father death. The story line of Hamlet is more about family unlike Romeo and Juliet. Therefamilies are involved but the center of the story is Romeo and Juliet. In Romeo and Juliet the church is involved in the story line not like in Hamlet. The plays were written in the same place England.The novels take place in different years.

Out of the 2 plays Romeo and Juliet is the only one that can be categorized as both tragedy and love. In both plays family of the protagonist are killed. Thekilling of there families in both plays start a rage on the protagonist. In both plays there’s love but never gets a happy ending. In both plays the ending is the same: the main characters die....
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