Romeo And Juliet

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 Third Act

Table One: Cloister in Romeo visits Friar Laurence monastery in the convent. Juliet, accompanied by her mother, also reaches the religious, who thinks he sees in the meeting of the two lovers a sign from heaven, hoping to end the fighting between the two warring houses and secretly blesses the marriage of the couple. After the ceremony, Juliet returns home again. Table Two: RearFront Esteban Capulet palace, the page of Romeo, sings a song offensive against the house of Capulet. Gregorio goes to rebuke a mocker, but to recognize it as one of the companions of Romeo, prepares to severely punish him. The fight takes place immediately adding to it Mercutio and Tybalt. Romeo arrives who tries to avoid the fight, because you do not want to fight against the relatives of his wife.His purposes are useless because the hatred on both sides is greater for all reflection. The match resumes. Theobald wounds with his sword Mercutio. Romeo seeing him fall, you can not dominate the fatal legacy of vengeance and brandishing their weapons combat with Tybalt, eventually killing him. Theobald asks Juliet's father does not take time to avenge him. Unexpectedly comes the Duke of Verona,who condemns Romeo to be banished for killing them just committed.

Act IV

Room Julieta Romeo, he must leave Verona, has succeeded in entering house to say goodbye to Juliet Capulet and get your forgiveness for the death of Tybalt. After that shooting night of love is of sad farewell contours for the cruel separation imposed on them. Capulet and Friar Laurence appear. Capulet tells the young manannounces his marriage to Count Paris, which must be done without delay. Juliet expresses his despair as he fears oppose his father, but then the wife of Romeo. When Capulet is removed, Fray Lorenzo comforting young and gives a narcotic, which will take time before the ceremony. The drink will give the appearance of death for forty-eight hours, then you can get away with Romeo. Juliet follows theadvice of her confessor and ingests narcotics, which is soon to have effect. Juliet apparently falls dead to the dismay and astonishment of his family.

Fifth Act

The crypt of the Capulets

Juliet lies in slumber on a luxurious catafalque. Romeo has not received Friar Laurence's message, so he thinks his beloved effectively dead. Get to the burial site and hugs with immense pain. Provided thepoison must enable meet her, take it without hesitation. When you begin to feel its effects, Juliet awakens from its slumber. But it is too late; lovers only have time to take a last farewell. To die with Romeo, Juliet finds the bottle of poison but empty. Then take the knife to his beloved belt-worn and plunges it into his chest. Both confused in passionate embrace, come together in eternal sleep.Primer Acto

Galería en el Palacio de Capuleto Capuleto, un noble de Verona, celebra con un baile de máscaras la presentación de su hija Julieta, que cumple quince años de edad. Romeo y varios amigos enmascarados llegan al palacio de sus tradicionales enemigos y desde un ángulo del salón se disponen a observar la magnífica fiesta. De pronto Romeo ve a Julieta sintiendo en su corazón la llamainextinguible del amor. El joven se acerca, ignorando que la niña es una Capuleto, de quien un mar de sangre los separa. Julieta escucha emocionada las cálidas palabras de Romeo, expresándole su naciente presión. Jamás sus oídos han escuchado una frase de amor y su corazón virginal despierta súbitamente. No son dos seres que acaban de encontrarse accidentalmente, son dos prometidos que vuelven areunirse. Teobaldo se acerca. Rápidamente Romeo se coloca el antifaz, pero ha sido reconocido por el joven Capuleto, quien le recuerda el abismo que separa a ambas familias: el odio se hereda en ellas como si fuese patrimonio. La revelación desconcierta a los enamorados que ignoran sus identidades respectivas que los torna enemigos.

Segundo Acto

Romeo no teme el odio de sus enemigos y con la...
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