Salud ocupacional

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1. Do you prefer to book holidays through travel agents or to make your own arrangements?Describe your best and worst holidays?
R/ I prefer to book my holiday to avoid problems on the reservations, also at the finish my journey; I can get to my room without having to ask about the direction ofthe hotel and carrying a heavy luggage all the way.
I've always had good holiday, but upon arrival there are always many people booking rooms and there is disorder in the reception and take a whileto assign your room, but this is somehow part of your holiday.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of TWO of the following forms of holiday accommodation?
FIVE STAR HOTELAdvantages: In this class of hotel, offering excellent services and great food, views over the city from the balconies, the rooms are beautiful and comfortable for the user, you can swim in spectacular pools,and the waiters are very friendly and attentive.
Disadvantages: I have little experience of these luxurious hotels, but I think its main drawback is how expensive it is to stay there, as theirservices should be excellent for wealthy people staying there and in general all services offered there.

Advantages: Traveling on an ocean liner should be an enjoyable experience, becausethere you can see the greatness of the sea, see the sunrise and sunset at sea, there also can be very good holiday as these ships have pools and different places entertainment for all tourists andtravelers.
Disadvantages: I think, is expensive, and traveling on these boats so heavy is not very secure as it can wreck lives and would be lost.

3. Which form of accommodation did you have on yourlast holiday? Were you satisfied with it?
R/ The accommodation that I was in the house of my aunt. She was very friendly but had many relatives of mine at home, then, at bedtime, we had to sleep three...
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