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Roberto Saviano (born September 22, 1979) is an Italian writer and journalist.
In his writings, articles and books he employs prose and news-reporting style to narrate the story of the Camorra (apowerful Neapolitan mafia-like organization), exposing its territory and business connections.
Since 2006, following the publication of his bestselling book Gomorrah (Gomorra in Italian), where hedescribes the clandestine particulars of the Camorra business, Saviano has been threatened by several Neapolitan “godfathers”. The Italian Minister of the Interior has granted him a permanent policeescort. Because of his courageous stance, he is considered a "national hero" by author-philosopher Umberto Eco.

Saviano was born in Naples on September 22, 1979. He graduated in philosophy at theUniversity of Naples Federico II.
In 2006, following the success of the non-fiction Gomorrah, which denounces the activities of the Camorra, Saviano received ominous threats. These have been confirmed bythe collaborators for justice and reports that have revealed attempts on Saviano’s life, by the Casalesi clan. Investigators have claimed the Camorra selected Casalesi clan boss Giuseppe Setola to killSaviano over the book, although the alleged hit never occurred.
After the Neapolitan Police investigations the Italian Minister for Interior Affairs Giuliano Amato assigned a personal body guard andtransferred him from Naples. In autumn 2008, the informant Carmine Schiavone, cousin of the imprisoned Casalesi clan boss Francesco Schiavone revealed to the authorities that the clan had planned toeliminate Saviano and his police escort by Christmas on the motorway between Rome and Naples with a bomb.";[2][3] in the same period, Saviano announced his will to leave Italy, in order to stop havingto live as a convict and reclaim his life.[4]
On 20 October 2008, six Nobel Prize-awarded authors and intellectuals (Orhan Pamuk, Dario Fo, Rita Levi Montalcini, Desmond Tutu, Günter Grass, and...
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