Saving The Planet

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Saving the planet
I think we all can do something to preserve our environment for future generations

Firstly, we have to stop using aerosols because that destroys the ozone layer. In addition tothis, there are several things we must do in order to solve environmental problems, for instance to find alternatives sources of energy for example: We can produce other kinds of energies as solarenergy or wind power. We must use the public transport, to save energy in our houses, to use electrical appliances and light bulbs with lower consumption, we should recycle waste and stop cuttingdown the forests as well.

we must know what Climate Change is, because with the actions that we doing this factor is growing. Climate Change is the global variation in the Earth's climate. Thesechanges can be caused by processes internal to the Earth, external forces or human activities. However, the influence that our activities have on the planet is called global warming

Because of this,the temperature has increased two degrees in the last thirty years and it will go on increasing in the future if we don't do anything. On the one hand, thousands of people have some responsibilityfor this change, but on the other hand there are other reasons, as for example:
. The greenhouse effect
. To burn fossil's combustibles
. The felling and burning of trees
. The pollution that iscaused by cars and factories

In conclusion it seems to me that saving the planet is everybody's responsibility, in particular it is power stations and a lot of factories which cause contaminationbut my recommendations are that each of us must do these things for trying to stop the climate change and to save our planet. I think that everyone must be aware that our planet is affected by ouractions and must do something for everything that in it we can find and give you the possibility of future generations who may like us to enjoy this beautiful planet... together we can make it!
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