Scientific Revolution

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Origin:It was made by Galileo Galilei in 1609.It’s a primary source.It was taken from a Web Page.It’s an image.It was used during the Scientific Revolution.| Purpose:It was made to discover the outer space.It helps people for first time to see what’s beyond the sky. |
Value:It helped me to understand what Galileo Galileitried to say to us about the holy bodies, which are now known as planets and stars. | Limitations:It was put out of use, because the church didn’t want it to discovermore things that may destroy the belief in God. |

Dutchman CORNELIUS DREBBEL, hired in 1603 as "court inventor" for James I of England, built what seems to have been thefirst working submarine. According to accounts, some of which may have been written by people who actually saw the submarine, it was a decked-over rowboat, propelled bytwelve oarsmen, which made a submerged journey down the Thames River at a depth of about fifteen feet.
Origin:It was made in 1620 by Cornelius Drebbel.It was made inGermany.It was made during the Scientific Revolution.It is a secondary source. | Purpose:It was done, for an expedition for the English Royal Navy. |
Value:It helped theEnglish Royal Navy for his explorations.It helped me to understand why the submarine was so important in those ages. | Limitations:It’s a fragment.It’s a translation.Itwas long time ago. |

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