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A polar bear has black skin, which aids it's adjustment to the Arctic temperature, absorbing and holding heat from the sunlight. It is definitely well dressed for the weather with a layer of fat morethan 4 inches thick, providing efficient insulation.


Polar bears live in the Arctic. They do not stay in one place. They travel across the snow and pack ice lookingfor food. Sometimes they swim far out to sea.


Polar bears are the largest bears in the world.
Adults weigh 295 kg to 600 kg Males are larger than females.
Apolar bear's coat can be from white to yellowish in color.

Seals are their favorite food. Polar bears spend most of their time on the pack ice or in the water, where they can hunt for the seal. Thewhite fur helps the bear sneak up on seals that are laying on the ice. The polar bear waits by the seal's breathing holes in the ice and quickly snatches the seal when it pokes its head out of thehole.

The polar bear tries to fatten up before the sea ice melts. They are no longer able to catch seals so they move ashore. In the summer polar bears eats plants and berries. They also eat fish,lemmings, arctic foxes, birds and bird eggs. In late summer and early autumm the bears go along the coastline looking for dead whales and dead walruses.

Polar bears are able to swim in the icy ArcticOcean without freezing. They have thick oily fur coats and a layer of fat (blubber) under their skin. When bears comes out of the water they shake the water off their coats.

The bear's large feetare like snowshoes. The hair on the soles of its feet help the bear walk on the slippery ice and snow and provides warmth and traction. The bear walks with toes pointing inward to avoid slipping.Polar bears are good swimmers. They have large front paws with partially webbed toes. They paddle with their front legs and use their hind legs as rudders. It adjusts well to swimming with its broad...
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