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I finally told him, “That’s it? You’re a lazy fuck”. After twenty minutes of penetration, we finished. In reality, he finished because I didn’t. I did not have an orgasm. He instantly told me I wasfrigid. I was worried and started researching “my problem”. I read several articles and found out that for females the orgasm is more complex. Due to the female’s she has the need for admiration, loveand lust.

After two years of being in this relationship, I never experienced an orgasm. Subsequently, the relationship deteriorated and ended. People say that bad sex can ruin a relationship; inmy case, it ended mine. Later in life I met my “perfect sex partner”. I was now able to enjoy the “magic” of orgasms. With Arnold’s love, admiration, and lust I had the best sex in my life. This manwas delicious!

Arnold was a very special man in my life. It was not easy to love him, but he won my love with his actions. He was there for me all the time. He would listen to me and was veryconsiderate. My man was that man that showed love no matter what. I felt he had a lot of love for me. When I first gave myself to him, I was happy to do it. I felt he deserved it and I having feelings forhim made it better. Although I did not cum the first time, I felt different sensations. As a female I needed to feel this love so I wouldn’t feel like I was doing something immoral. As I am guidedmore by my feelings, combining both love and sex was very meaningful. Since my ex didn’t show his love during sex this made me feel a cold sensation and made me feel like a sex object.

My partnerArnold, would make me feel intelligent in the way that he liked what I said and paid attention to it. This man made me feel beautiful and a queen. He admired me and showed it. He was a total gentleman.I might talk very good about him, but he was just wonderful. To me, he was more than perfect. I could see that he valued every time we had sex. He enjoyed it as much as I did. When he made me...
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