Shao kang

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The Forgotten Kingdom.

Once upon a time there was a kingdom far to the east, it was crowned by tall mountains covered by clowds, there in the valley between the tallest ones named Kung and Fulived the king Shao-Kang in the imperial palace along with 10.000 people who served him, he was a wise old man with silver long hair and beard and his people loved him because he was a just ruler whobroght peace and wealth to everyone for many years. But the king himself was a lonely man because his queen died giving birth to his two twin sons, he named them Ying and Yang who were both heirs tothe throne and even though it was dangerous for the kingdom to be divided among them the king did not have the heart to separate them and give one of them for adoption like everyone suggested.They were mirror images of each other and grew up together under the king’s teachings but even though they were identical on the outside they were not so similar on the inside. Ying was gentle andcomprehensive, he always payed close attention to everyone’s oppinion and he loved reading books. Yang was more oppinionated and however he considered what was best for everyone he believed he was rightmost times, he loved martial arts. They were very happy growing up, they played together all the time and loved each other as brothers and friends, they also loved his father and listened carefulyto his teachings, Shao-Kang was after all the wisest man in the whole kingdom.

Things began to change between Ying and Yang as they started becoming adults because they realized that one of themwould become king one day and both of them wanted to rule the kingdom according to their own ideas. Ying wanted to educate the people creating schools and libraries to share his love for books with themso that one day everyone would have the same oportunities in society. Yang, on the other hand, wanted to build more castles and an army to defend them, and also more roads to ensure safety and...
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