Sharia Law And The United States Contitution

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Professor McL
History U.S 1865-PRESENT
July, 16, 2012
Sharia Law vs. the United States Constitution

It is crucial, necessary, and important to understand what ShariaLaw is, and why it can’t be imposed in the American Constitution. Many Americans don’t really know how Sharia Law works, and it’s time to educate ourselves, understanding the big differences betweeneach other, which could take a lot of time but would have a worth result.
Muslins are trying to impose Sharia law in the U.S. by sedition.
For many westerners is almost impossible to conceive how intoday’s modern world there is still people with such radical ways of ruling their lives. How can at the same time human beings living in the same world can have two extremely total different meaningsof the word “Justice.” It must be said that not all Muslims, believe in Sharia Law, neither sympathize on the codes this one imposes.
We the people, have the responsibility to fight every day topreserve and make our rights (all guaranteed by the constitution) prevail. Our rights to equality and freedom including freedom to speech and to choose whatever religion we want to practice and itshould be kept that way.
The Sharia Law is an Islamic legal code that rules a lot of personal status issues, like: marriage, child custody, personal conduct, which for Americans is associated with hardpunishments and intolerance. The America’s constitution is based on Judeo Christian beliefs and tolerates and accepts other people and their individual choice of living their lives as long as theyrespect the basics of human rights of the rest of individuals.
Living based on the rules of the Quran in the same way that the Bible offers a moral system for Christians, the Sharia Law means more thanjust how to live personal life under religious codes. It is more about how the world should be governed and how to ensure power instead of faith. There are standards in the Sharia Law that can just...
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