Should iq tests be used widely to administer children’s intelligence?

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Should IQ tests be used widely to administer children’s intelligence?
IQ testing, or at least the concept that intelligence could be or should be tested began way back in the19th Century with a British scientist under the belief that human race had a tiny number of geniuses and a tiny number of idiots, while the vast majority were equally intelligent people. Under thisbelief, throughout time, a various number of scientists have created different testing methods to measure human intelligence, tests that came to be known as IQ testing (intellectual quotient). But aftermany tests and experiments, these tests proved out to be not completely accurate; therefore I believe that IQ tests should not be widely used to administer children’s intelligence.
First of all, itsound logical that one cannot measure the intelligence in a person and compare it to others based on a test that most of the time is based on mathematics. I mean, we could be talking about a personthat might be the next Shakespeare but has no idea on what to do with numbers, but still definitely a genius. But ok, if the test was actually with more varied topics it is one sort of test. My argumenthere is not that intelligence shouldn’t be measured with one specific test, but that it just can’t be measured like that, and by applying this to children we would just be limiting and classifyingthem into a category that might exalt them but that might diminish them as well.
Then we have two of the most prominent precursors of IQ testing, Alfred Binet and Wilhelm Stern. They both got to theconclusion that the tests are not precise and shouldn’t be used as the only tool to determine ones intelligence. AS stern wrote in an article in 1914: "No series of tests, however skillfully selectedit may be, does reach the innate intellectual endowment, stripped of all complications, but rather this endowment in conjunction with all influences to which the examinee has been subjected up to the...
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