Simple past

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Simple Past
To Be
The verb to be has the following form in the simple past tense.

I was We were
You were You were
He, She, It was They were

 Exercise
Supply the correct simple pasttense form of to be in the following sentences.
1. Helen____ absent from school yesterday.
2. I ____ in the same class as Yvonne last year.
3. We ____ good friends for many years.
4. The door ofmy office ____ open.
5. John ____ not in school yesterday.
6. He and his sister ____ sick.
7. He ____ busy all day yesterday.
8. There ____ many students absent from class last Friday.
9. LastSunday the weather ____ very warm.
10. The exercises in the last lesson____ easy.

 Exercise
Supply the correct simple past tense form of the verb to be and complete the sentences.
1. Last nightwe (be)….
2. Yesterday I (be)…….
3. We (be)…………………
4. He and I (be)…………
5. She (be)……………….

Regular verbs.
We form the simple past tense of most verbs in English by adding ed to the simple(infinitive) form. All such verbs which form their past tense to this way are known as regular verbs.
 Examples
I walked We walked
You walked You walked
He, She, It walked They walked

Supply the simple past tense form of the verbs in parentheses.
1. We (work) in our garden all last weekend.
2. I (listen) to the radio until midnight.
3. Saya and I (talk) by telephoneyesterday.
4. He always (want) to learn English.
5. They (live)* in Guadalajara for many years.
6. We (expect) to go to Canada in June.
7. The meeting (last) about two hours.
8. I (wait) almost twohours for Edith.
9. They (paint) my house white.
10. She (study)** in our class last year.

*If the infinitive ends in e, then only d is added (live-lived, arrive- arrived)
** If the simple formends in y, preceded by a consonant the y is changed to i and ed is added (study-studied, marry-married)
 Exercise
Complete the following sentences with the simple past form.

1. We (talk)…....
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