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Oracle Forms & Reports Developer 10g: Move to the Web (D17362GC10)
(32 Academic Hours)

About this course
This course prepares you to realize the benefits of Web-deploying your Forms and Reports applications. You migrate a Forms 6i application to the Web with Oracle Forms 10g ( You learn to utilize the Web architecture of Oracle Application Server 10g ( components,especially the Forms Servlet, the Forms Listener Servlet, the Forms Runtime Engine, and the Forms Client. After migrating the application, you define certain aspects of its behavior by modifying middle-tier configuration files. You adapt the application to the Web environment and enhance it with Web technologies, including WebUtil, a utility that can replace much of the client-server behavior that youare accustomed to using. You utilize Web-related new features of Forms 10g. You also call Reports from Forms on the Web. You learn how to migrate your existing Oracle6i Reports applications to Oracle Reports 10g (, replacing deprecated, obsolete, and changed functionality with new features. Oracle Reports 10g takes advantage of JavaServer Page (JSP) technology to deliver high qualityHTML pages for Web publishing. You are introduced to JSP technology; learn how to create Web reports, and how to enhance your reports by modifying the Web source code. You learn about new features for report development and report deployment introduced since release 6i. Finally, you learn how to deploy your reports using Oracle Application Server 10g (
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List the benefits ofdeploying Forms and Reports applications to the Web with Oracle Application Server 10g Migrate Forms 6i and Reports 6i applications to Web deployment with Oracle Application Server 10g Create JSP-based Web reports

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Use Web technologies to enhance Forms and Reports applications Enhance forms andreports using new features in Oracle Developer Suite 10g Call Reports from Forms

Suggested Prerequisites:
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Develop Forms applications with Oracle Developer Suite 6i Use a Web browser

Course Objectives
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Migrate client-server Forms applications to the Web Test Forms applications in a three-tier environment Configure run-time behaviorImprove performance of Web-deployed applications Use JavaBeans and Pluggable Java Components to extend Forms functionality Integrate Web services into a Forms application Use WebUtil to interact with the client Debug a form remotely Identify the benefits of deploying your Oracle Reports applications to the Web with Oracle Application Server 10g Migrate your Oracle6i Reports applications to OracleReports 10g Use Web technologies to enhance the functionality of Oracle Reports applications Publish reports to the Web Replace obsolete and deprecated functionality in your Reports applications Utilize the new development features of Oracle Reports 10g Utilize the new deployment features of OracleAS Reports Services

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Course Topics

Benefits of Deploying Forms Applications to the Web
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Improving Productivity Reducing Costs Increasing Accessibility Maintaining Support Leveraging Current Knowledge Providing a Rich User Interface Employing the Latest Technologies Utilizing New Product Features

Streamlining of Oracle Forms
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Elimination of Character Mode andClient-Server Run-time Executables Elimination of Item Types and Built-Ins That Are OS-Specific or Related to Character Mode Elimination of Obsolete Features from Older Forms Versions

Migrating Forms Applications
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Considering Pre-Upgrade Issues Using the Correct Migration Path Using Forms Builder to Migrate Using Forms Compiler to Migrate Using Forms Migration Assistant Considering...
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