Soa governance chapt 12

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PAGINA 449 SOA Governance With the widespread adoption of SOA, the challenges associated with SOA projects are emerging. SOA governance isn’t optional — it’s imperative. Without it, return on investment will be low and every SOA project out of the pilot phase will be at risk. –Paolo Malinverno SOA governance is essential to a successful SOA. Without it, well-intended SOA pilotprojects spiral into chaos when they go operational. We have seen it before — an organization spends a lot of money developing services, it declares success when everything works well in the lab, but because they didn’t plan ahead for every aspect of the project for real-time operations, there is constant pain at all levels of the organization when the project goes ‘‘live.’’ In cases like these, wheregovernance is largely ignored, the isolated technology benefits of SOA adoption are outweighed by the hassle of managing chaos. Managers, architects, and developers get burnt out as they make necessary massive ‘‘Band-Aid’’ solutions to real-time deployed systems. There are many people (like us) who have the battle scars from the early days of SOA, and by reading this chapter, you can benefit fromthe lessons we have learned. This chapter provides an introduction to SOA governance. It defines and describes the SOA governance life cycle, and it provides a practical guide for implementing it in your organization. Specifically, this chapter covers the following topics: Important terminology, principles, and goals related to SOA governance The case for SOA governance, where we explain whyevery organization needs to focus on these processes

PAGINA 450 The SOA governance life cycle as it applies to the life cycle of services, with each process and the roles of stakeholders explained at every step Practical actionable steps and key processes that can be used in setting up SOA governance in your organization SOA Management and Governance Defined The terms SOA management and SOAgovernance are terms whose definitions intersect with each other. For this reason, we feel that it is important to formally define them in this section. SOA governance is the creation, communication, enforcement, and adaptation of policies used to direct and control the creation and implementation of the life cycle of services. It is a run-time and design-time administrative capability that noorganization should be without. Jean Jacques Dubray, in his October 2007 InfoQ article ‘‘Establishing a Service Governance Organization,’’ provides a well-written objective of service governance: The main objective of Service governance is to achieve the benefits of a Service Oriented Architecture by fostering the creation of reusable, enterprise class services. As a cross functional organization, servicegovernance ensures the timely resolution of issues and conflicts due to the necessary tradeoffs that are made when shared requirements are defined. An organization’s governance process is policy-centric, and these policies involve enterprise standards, capabilities, and constraints for use of specific services in run-time service policies and best practices. Simply put, governance sets policies inplace, and provides the mechanism to enforce them. Governance itself is not a process that is unique to SOA — it can be applied to any business domain used to accomplish business objectives. SOA governance does have some unique characteristics, different from those of general governance, as it applies to the service life cycle, and this chapter focuses on these characteristics. SOA managementestablishes control of the Service-Oriented Enterprise (SOE) — first, by creating a holistic view of the entire enterprise, and then by providing the capabilities to control, monitor, and measure information about services and other enterprise components. By having access to a ‘‘big picture’’ view of your SOA, you are able to understand real-time requirements by comprehending how the services are...
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