Sociedad de los poetas muertos

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Dead Poets Society

Written by: wjmoore

This is a practise english essay for my year 9 exams. If you could give me as much critism as possible it would be much appreciated. Thanks

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"It was Mr Keating's blatant abuse of position as teacher that led directly to Neil's death."

Welton was a dull andunexciting school before the highly qualified Mr. Keating came to Welton. Mr. Keating was a previous student and taught the boys many valuable lessons.

Neil made his own choices but Mr. Perry (Neil’sFather) restricted Neil doing what he loved. Mr. Keating taught the class to do their own thing; Neil had a passion for acting long before Keating came to Welton. Mr. Keating told the students to make themost out of life and not do stupid things but still be daring. Neil committed suicide because he felt trapped between his passion of acting and his father’s ambitions for him.

The reason Neil wasunhappy in the first place is because he wanted to act while his father was focused on Neil becoming a doctor. “You’re going to Harvard and you’re going to become a doctor.” Mr. Perry demanded when hetook Neil home after the theatre play. Mr. Perry wants to live his ambitions that he never got through his son. But because he never cared to listen to Neil, he makes Neil suffer by not letting him dowhat he loves. The conflict between Neil’s passion for acting and Mr. Perry forcing Neil to become a doctor ruins Neil’s life. Keating never told Neil to follow acting and it was Neil’s Idea to avoidhis father about it.

Keating told the class to strive to find their own voice, to break out and make their lives extraordinary. Neil had loved acting all his life. “I’m going be an actor, eversince I can remember I’ve wanted to try this” Neil yells as he jumps up and down with excitement. Even though Mr. Keating encouraged the boys to seize the day, it was no abuse as a teacher. Neil had...
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