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Well I'm going to talk about Spain, and hopefully you would know more about the country where I'm from and some differences and some likenesses with United States. Spain is situated in the southeastof Europe, and no in South America like a lot of people think. Is under France and touching in the left part with Portugal. Europe is one of the oldest continents, that’s why there are a lot ofdifferent languages, but Spain is the only one who talks Spanish. I live in Asturias, in the north, I a city called Gijon, which is a very difficult word to pronounce for American people. Gijon is apretty city to visit if you want to relax, is not very crowded, 300,000 habitants and there are a lot of beaches but at the same time we have mountains, actually, Los Picos de Europa, that is the name ofthe mountain, was voted the prettiest place in Spain last year. About the population, even though Spain is as big as Missouri, it hast more than 45 million of habitants while Missouri has 6 million.Spain is divided in 16 regions what we can compare with the states of the United States. The capital of Spain is Madrid which is situated right in the middle of the country. Madrid is the biggest cityof Spain with more than one million of habitants. The form of government, Spain is a monarchic state, that means we have a king, Juan Carlos II, but we also have a president of government, Zapatero.This kind of government is almost the same as in the United States where there is a president of government. We have elections every 4 years like here but right now there are a lot of politicalproblems because the last elections were very tight. The biggest difference between Spain and United States, I think is the food… And I do not think that is because Spain has very good food, that it does,but is because in United States there are only hamburgers, pasta and pizza, or at least that is my perception after eating one year and a half in college’s cafeteria. The most famous meal in Spain...
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