Spatial sound

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Spatial Audio

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Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, 2nd edition (with accompanying website: David M. Howard and James Angus The Audio Workstation Handbook Francis Rumsey Composing Music with Computers (with CD-ROM) Eduardo Reck Miranda Computer Sound Synthesis for the Electronic Musician (with CD-ROM) Eduardo Reck MirandaDigital Audio CD and Resource Pack Markus Erne (Digital Audio CD also available separately) Network Technology for Digital Audio Andy Bailey Digital Sound Processing for Music and Multimedia (with accompanying website: Ross Kirk and Andy Hunt MIDI Systems and Control, 2nd edition Francis Rumsey Sound and Recording: An introduction, 3rd edition FrancisRumsey and Tim McCormick Sound Synthesis and Sampling Martin Russ Sound Synthesis and Sampling CD-ROM Martin Russ Spatial Audio Francis Rumsey

Spatial Audio

Francis Rumsey

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Series introduction Preface 1 Introduction to spatial audio 1.1 The spatial dimension in natural sound 1.2 Sound sources in space 1.3 Introduction to the spatial dimension in reproduced sound 1.4 From mono to surround sound and 3D audio – a brief resumé 1.5 Applications of spatial audio Spatial audio psychoacoustics 2.1 Sound source localisation 2.2Distance and depth perception 2.3 Apparent source width 2.4 Envelopment and spaciousness 2.5 Naturalness 2.6 Some subjective experiments involving spatial attributes of reproduced sound 2.7 Cognitive issues in sound space perception 2.8 The source–receiver signal chain Two-channel stereo and binaural audio 3.1 Two-channel (2-0) stereo 3.2 Binaural sound and 3D audio systems Multichannel stereo andsurround sound systems 4.1 Three-channel (3-0) stereo vii ix 1 1 2 7 10 18 21 21 35 36 37 39 40 42 46 52 52 64 82 82





4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 4.7 4.8 5

Four-channel surround (3-1 stereo) 5.1-channel surround (3-2 stereo) Other multichannel configurations Surround sound systems Matrixed surround sound systems Digital surround sound formats Ambisonics

84 86 94 96 96102 111

Spatial sound monitoring 119 5.1 Introduction to listening room acoustics 119 5.2 International guidelines for surround sound room acoustics 128 5.3 Loudspeakers for surround sound: placement and directivity 136 5.4 Monitor level alignment 143 5.5 Virtual control room acoustics and monitors 149 Two- and three-channel recording techniques 6.1 Science versus aesthetics in spatial...
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