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Standard package for decorative Range Hoods: A case of study.
By Ivan Salazar
Laboratory Coordinator in Elicamex, S.A. de C.V.

Abstract: A decorative range hood is a product which has many formsand shapes. It can be designed according customer’s requirements: chimney, squared, curved, with or without glass. For packaging purposes, these options are covered by designing several packages tocomply different test procedures and product structures, adding complexity to manufacture process. Elicamex designed, tested and implemented two standard packages for wall and island versions, whichfill our customer’s transport requirements and reduce the number of packages into two families. Moreover, this standardization brought many benefits: Inventory reduction, part number reduction, ashorter bill of materials, and assembly time reduction.

Keywords: Test Procedures, Standard Package, and Standardization.

1. Introduction

In 2006 Elicamex was established in Queretaro, Mexicoto produce range hoods for the America market, covering from Sudamerica to Northamerica. The facility started to produce one single model of range hood (under cabinet) that needed a simple standardpackage; consequently it was not necessary to develop a new concept for packaging. By the time, the facility expanded its capability, and the developing process took a better direction regarding theproduct segmentation that it could offer. This product segmentation was divided into the following product families:

• Standard
• Standard /undercabinet
• Decorative Wall Mounted
•Decorative Island
• Chimney
• Pro/ Semi professional

In 2007 Elicamex was ready to offer with this product segmentation a large quantity of products to our clients, basically thoseestablished in USA. These new clients were ready to work with Elicamex in the product developing, choosing the specifications and tests standards that guarantee the safety and performance, including the...
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