Strategic Alliances

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An Strategic Alliance is is the combination of two or more natural or legal persons in order to generate-with input from each one of them different types of projects. This is what enablesparticipants to grow in several ways: enter new scenarios, define risks, eliminate competitors, or partner and achieve economies of scale.
Its basic premises are the win-win, shared values and commitment tosuccess.

The test measures the performance of a productive strategic alliance is to compare the whole resulting from the association with the sum of its parts. When the whole is greater than isfound positive synergy of the partnership that exists when the harmony and cooperation beyond what might an individual.

Another kind of explanation is related about of the current market and the newsociety because the economy we live in today, along with technological development and market opening means that businesses have to adapt to a dynamic environment.
Competence and leadership ofcompetitive advantage, make every day, the structure and business strategies to adapt to them. Consistent with this, there are new addresses and routings for managerial and organizational practices: humanresource management, motivation, culture and leadership among others.

It is well known that the structure of an organization's strategy precedes it, therefore, when an organization decides to riskinto new plans and corporate goals and business, also suffers from internal changes so that it benefits from this decision .

Today, competition and the entry of new competitors into the marketmeans that companies are constantly looking for new opportunities that would not only remain in the market, but highly competitive with their products or services: growth, diversification, integrationand competitive advantage are some of these practices. Within a diversification strategy and corporate integration are strategic alliances are formal connections between two or more companies which...
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