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Summary of “Poenulus” by Plautus

The two daughters of Hanno, a Carthaginian, who were stolen from him in their childhood, have been bought by apimp and taken to Sicyon (in Greece).
In the same place is living Agorastocles, son of Hanno’s cousin; he likewise was stolen in infancy and has beenadopted by a wealthy citizen of Sicyon.
He has fallen in love with the elder of the sisters, not knowing of their kinship to him. He and his slavedevise a plot for ruining the pimp in order to free the girl. Meanwhile, Hanno, who has been searching every country for his daughters, arrives at Sicyon;he discovers them and his relative Agorastocles, recovers the girls, and bestows the elder on her love.

Plot of “Poenulus” by PlautusAgorastocles is in love with Adelphasium, a slave belonging to the pimp Lycus. Like Agorastocles, she and her sister Anterastilus were stolen from Carthage whenthey were children and sold.
Agorastocles was purchased not to become a slave but rather adopted as a son, whereas the girls were bought to becomeprostitutes.
Milphio, the slave of Agorastocles, attempts to help his master obtain Adelphasium. Their plan is to trick Lycus and get him into legaltrouble.
Eventually, Hanno arrives from Carthage, and they soon discover he is the cousin of Agorastocles’parents as well as the father of the two girls.The pimp loses at the end, and the story concludes with a happy family reunion. Hanno gives Agorastocles his blessing to marry his daughter.
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