Tarea no es maligna

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Homework is not bad for us, but if teachers use it in the wrong way, what difficulties can we suffer? Like how much time do you wastedoing something you don’t understand? How much homework do you do per day? Or even do you learn any thing with homework? Well you do, but not always.Something good about homework is that it helps us remember stuff we did in school. It also helps us learn things more carefully. I think is notbad to have homework, but we should have one week long homework and not one day to an other.

Thinking it over homework can negatively affect us.If you think about it we don’t have time to be kids, they treat us like adults. And since many assignments are simply busywork, learning becomes achore rather than a positive attitude or a contractive experience. So much homework even affects our family life- sometimes we can’t get to dinnerjust because we are finishing a project or a work sheet.

All the homework that school gives us is not a waste of time. Right now im thinkingthat they are trying to makes us the next generation of workaholics. Is not just student that have homework, you have to count parents and teachesalso. After a day of work human minds need to rest.

I was wondering why cant we just learn everything in school. Lots of researchers say that isbecause there is not enough time in class. Well its true time not enough time. Like you cant read or do one thousand problems in one school week.
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