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Colegio de bachilleres plantel #48
´´generic competences´´Name________________________________________ group _______
Answer these questions with the most suitable words
1._ labors day iscelebrated on _____________________________________________
2._letter “L” is the ____________________________________________of the alphabet.
a)._ twelve b) twelfth c)first d) doce
3._25 plus 25 equals to ________________________________________________
4._ seventy minus twenty equal’s to______________________________________
5._ secondaryschool tecnica 34 is _______________________________________cobatab #48
a) Behind b) next to c) beside d) between
6. _ my friend_________________ soccer every Sunday.
a) Playing b) play c) played d) plays
7._ my mother ___________________________ work at cobatab #48.
a) Dob) does c) don´t d) doesn´t
8._ L____________________________________ work at ´´super Sanchez´´
a) Am b) don´tc) does d) doesn´t
9._my friend _____________________________ to school Monday through Friday
A) go b) goingc) is d) goes
10._there______________________________a beautiful river in cable.
a) Are b) was c) isn´td) aren´t
11._there______________________________many students doing their final exam.
a) Isn´t b) aren´t c) is d) was12._ teacher____________________________ I go to the bathroom, please?
A) can b) is c) may d) are
13._teacher can...
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