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American football l

Football is a team sport known for mixing complex strategy and a very intense physical play. Was born more than one hundred years in the United States. It is one of the sportsworld's most competitive impact where the player requires a great discipline, physical training and mental preparation. The greatest manifestation of this competitive and sports media is given in theNational Football League (NFL), the professional football league in the United States.
The history of football can be traced to the earliest versions of rugby and soccer, as both sports have theirorigin in some varieties of football played in the UK in the mid-nineteenth century, which is kicked towards net. Like in soccer, football has 22 players on the field. Even some reference positions areused in soccer football, and the term "halfback" and "fullback" 2

existing sport very similar to American who is foot ball rugby
but also has a mix with soccer players line up as well, only theyhave no protection, their uniforms are like those of soccer and obviously you can kick and catch rugby is more dangerous and more injuries to and the amreciano by that are not popular because it isbetter to use a protection

but good getting back to American football is played by two teams, so that 11 offensive players of one of the 11 teams play against other team's defense. The attacking teamtries to get the ball either by running or passing through, into the end zone and score points rival. The defense has to prevent this from happening and try to impede progress towards the opposingteam's touchdown.
The game is for the offensive squad achieve a touchdown (worth six points) as main or a field goal (with value of 3 points) otherwise. To do so they move forward bias than ten yards(9.144 meters) or more to be achieved in a maximum of four times or downs.For every ten yards traveled are entitled to four more opportunities to seek the same goal of ten yards and so on to carry or...
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