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Exercise 1

Here are some simple definitions for words that appear in the text on Worksheet

A. Find the words they refer to and fillin the gaps.

1. To exploit (verb) a natural resource (e.g. oil, trees, water) is to use it in such
a way that you gain as much as possible.

2. _conflit (noun): a fight, battle or struggle(usually between people or
groups, but possibly also inside a person’s mind)

3. To _ release (verb) a film, CD, etc, is to make it available for people to watch
or buy.

4. _Modif y (verb): tochange something slightly, especially in order to improve it
or to make it less extreme

5. _triump h (noun): a great victory or success

6. _clea n (noun): a large group of families that arerelated to each other

7. _ understantemen t (noun): a statement that makes something seem less
good, bad, important, impressive, etc, than it really is

8. _loyalt y (noun): support that you give tosomebody or something because of
your feelings of duty or love towards them

9. _operatio n (noun): an action or set of actions that is necessary in order to
achieve something

10. _alie n(adjective): of or from somewhere in the universe other than Earth

11. An _ inhabitan t (noun) of somewhere is a person or animal that lives there.

12. _critic (noun): someone whose job is to write orbroadcast their opinion of
things such as books, films or plays.

13. _ abtain (verb): to get something you want or need (especially if it is necessary
to go through a difficult process)

14._box office (noun): the place where you buy tickets at a theatre or cinema

15. _ cutting-edg e (adjective) extremely modern and advanced

Exercise 2

Complete the crossword below. If all thewords are correct, the name of the
Australian actor who plays the soldier Jake Sully in Avatar will read from top to bottom.

| | |1 |e |x |i |s |t |e |d | | | | | | | |2 |c |o |m |m |a |n |d |e |r...
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