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FALL 2010

KWL Chart |
KWhat I know | WWhat I want to learn | LWhat I have learned |
-English is the universallanguage-It’s necessary because it opens the doors professionally-It’s subject at all level’s at school-It’s helps you to travel to other countries-It helps you tomeet and communicate whit more people-It helps you to get a job in your country or in foreign one-You learn about other cultures | -Why is English theuniversal language?-How many people speak English in Mexico?-Which is the second universal language that is speaking in the world?-What kind of English isteaches in the majority of schools?-How many jobs need that you know English?-How much time do you spend in learning English?-How can you learn Englishquickly?-How is English spoken in different countries such’es the U.S.A. and England Different?-How do you use grammar when you speak English?-Is iteasier to learn English in a native country or in a language school? | -The importance of English, are two important nations in the world who speak it. We aretalking about England and the United States.-Approximately 35% of people speak English in Mexico-In fact the universal second language is English andthe first language is Mandarin Chinese.-The majority of school teaches U.S.A. English.-Although it depends on the ability of each person, it is estimatedto speak English properly, starting from a low level, it takes at least six months.-In some English courses, playing videogames, listening to music. |
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