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In this essay, I will talk about the subject technology. We will see what is technology, some of the different types of technology, what are the applications ofit and some examples. Also what are the benefits of using technology and the disadvantages.

Technology is the set of technical knowledge, scientifically organized, which can design and creategoods and services that facilitate adaptation to the environment and satisfy both basic needs and desires of people.
The technological activity influences the social and economical progress, but hischaracter is overwhelmingly commercial makes more oriented to satisfy the desires of the most prosperous (consumerism) that the essential needs of the needy, which also tends to make a usenot sustainable of the environment.
There 21 types of technology but I will focus in “Clean Technologies”, let’s see what is.
Clean Technologies
This is the term for technologies that don’t pollute and usenatural resources renewable and nonrenewable rationally.
When this technology is applied doesn’t produce side effects or transformations to the environmental balance or natural systems (ecosystems).Within this technology we have reduced non-biodegradable waste and environmental self-sustainability, I mean, the replacement of the ecological costs caused by manufacturing. For example, if a loggingcompany plans to use 10,000 trees, they will replace them entirely and also pay for the use of the resource.

Advantages: sustainable development, clean management of resources, selfdestruction and recycling.

Disadvantages: Generally the adoption of clean technologies is synonymous with substantial increases in production costs and manufacturing, which is not good for corporateprofits.

High Technology

High technology refers to any technology that was developed in a recent form and is advanced (which is a step...
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