Tecnicas de traducción

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In the unit 9 I discovered that the technique of translation is not always simple because sometimes we need to find equivalents for the lack of a literal translation. Not all phrases, wordscan be translated instantly, either because there is not the same word in another language or simply there is no single word that would reflect the sense of the word to translate.
This has alreadytold me that when you translate you can find many obstacles that can not be solved with a simple dictionary.

In unit 10, I’m mainly learned that when we are translating texts not only have tolook at the translation word to word, you have to read the entire text to looking for the sense of the text and translate taking into consideration all the intention and the purpose of the person whowrote this text.
The texts are full of expressions that do not always have a literal translation, so we have to read the full text and know what the writer wants to convey.


As I saidin class, I'm a advertising agent and I’m translated some advertising text and its very complicated because the same phrase in English loses all meaning and sense.
Therefore, we must not only considerthe characteristics of our target audience, but we must consider their culture, experience, situations, space and time…etc
Generally, when advertising texts translated into other languages ​​willtry to find similarities, because its very complicated to find the literal translations with the same sense and cogent.


In some translations such as scientific texts, we must consider thejargon of this subject and used very pure English. With the advertising text don’t happened the same because we translate through interpretations or similarities ... In scientific texts must considerevery word and try to make the translation as literal as possible.
We need to consider that its very complicated to translated a scientific text and to make that we need to have a broad knowledge...
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