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MAIN CHARACTER (NARRATOR): the transport public.. and well as yó never I've uploaded it to one because this video... it ends up here.They are not created, because much of my life I spend traveling on the subway, when my mom left me (it makes an attempt to llorar… and then laughs in a mocking manner).
MAIN character Narrator: publictransport offers many more advantages than you think, because it is not only one of the cheaper saunas in the world

MAIN character (girlfriend): my love the truth, our relationship goes verywrong, we have to go to marital therapy

Clear main character (boyfriend): You are quite right, we need to go with a psychologist

MAIN character (girlfriend): Psychologist! PUF… (With the face offuchi tells) those not served

MAIN character (boyfriend): oh... then

MAIN character (girlfriend): obvious, because we are going with a taxi driver and now.

MAIN character (Narrator): of course,because there are only 2 people that you trust and you can tell them everything... you couple and a taxi driver

MAIN character (such as TAXI passenger): hola que tal, good afternoon

MAINcharacter (the TAXI driver): good young afternoon where it goes?

MAIN character (the TAXI passenger): Let's here the UPQ

MAIN character (the TAXI driver): ha, here to school

MAIN character (the TAXIpassenger): If there

MAIN character (the TAXI driver): Yes, and goes to see his girlfriend

MAIN character (the TAXI passenger): well were is the it girl that I like, we are not well, but brideand groom bride and groom are not

MAIN character (the TAXI driver): there if not, Heartthrob, and why isn't his girlfriend?

MAIN character (Narrator): thus begins a conversation by more than halfan hour

MAIN character (the TAXI passenger): he did not want to be my girlfriend (with a shrill face) and not told me because only it was (crying)

MAIN character (the TAXI driver): as you...
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