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Global Strategy and Organization
Donald Lessard MIT Sloan School of Management MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership Spring (H1) 2008

15.220 Spring 2007

About me
• • • • • • • Epoch Foundation Professor of International Management BA (Latin American Studies), MBA, PhD Stanford At MIT since 1973 Deputy Dean 1998-2004 Faculty Director: BP-MIT Projects andEngineering Academy Most recent book: – Strategic Management of Large-Scale Engineering Projects (MIT Press 2001) Current research – Project and Enterprise Risk Management – Global leading firms from middle countries Frequent traveler – Greater China – Latin America – Europe Fun – Travel – Long distance motorcycling – Skiing

15.220, Spring 2008 15.220 Spring 2007

What is this courseabout?
• Strategy and organization in cross-border business
– – What do we do where, and how? How does (or might) operating in a different location affect our competitive advantage? What do we need to do differently? How does (or might) operating across locations affect our competitive advantage? What do we need to do differently?

15.220, Spring 2008 15.220 Spring 2007

I. Global Competitive Context • Industry • Country • Combining the two II. Building the Global Enterprise • Globalizing from the middle • Outsourcing and Back-end Internationalization • India as home base • China as platform and market III. Integrating Across Countries • The Integration-Responsiveness Tradeoff • Manufacturing and Product Development • Supply and Marketing Chains • LeadershipRoles
15.220, Spring 2008 15.220 Spring 2007

Cases cover ….
• Variety of industries • Old and New countries, firms
To Old Nokia Nissan P&G BP BTC Dell Bollywood ICICI Lenovo ICICI From Old New



Shimano Zara


15.220 Spring 2007

• Individual Participation (20%) • Blogs --Group Participation (20%) • Short papers (30%) (individual)
– Paper # 1 dueFebruary 19 – Paper # 2 due March 10

• Integrative Project (30%)

– Team project focusing on one aspect of integrative case (BTC) – Presentations -- April 4 (Friday)

15.220, Spring 2008 15.220 Spring 2007

Important Dates
• February 6, 2008 – First Day. Detailed explanations on operational issues and grading policy will be provided. • February 8, 2008 – Form groups, inform TA • Every day:Prep, submit blogs for at least 4 of 9 cases. • February 19 – Paper # 1 • March 10, 2008 – Paper # 2 • April 4, 2008 – Integrative Deep Dive
15.220, Spring 2008 15.220 Spring 2007

• The goal of the class blog is to motivate participation and to open/sharpen the discussion • Blog posts may be used for “warm calls”

• Go to forum, go to topic, post new discussion • Feel free to returnlater and post comments (be sure to state if the result of group discussion, since only individual submitter’s name will show)

15.220, Spring 2008 15.220 Spring 2007

Welcome to Bollywood!

15.220 Spring 2007

• Thinking about a Bollywood movie you have seen, what was it target audience? Would this movie have broad appeal to an American audience? Why or why not? If the moviewas changed to speak to American audience, do you think it would still appeal to an Indian audience? Can a movie appeal to both successfully? How well do movies travel across borders? – As a general matter? – From India? Is the filmmaking industry global? – What factors would you consider in determining how global an industry is or should be? For Hollywood, does Bollywood represent a competitivethreat? What kind of opportunities does Bollywood present for American filmmakers? Based on your analysis of the global movie industry, is the world flat or not? What is the best strategy for Bollywood to go global? – Should they pursue a niche market? – What kind of relationships should Indian filmmakers build with Hollywood movie industry? How should American filmmakers respond to Bollywood’s...
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