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Colegio Real Escandinavo
Date: August, 3th. 2009
Laura Montoya
* Alejandra Guzman ( AG)
* Carolina Pardo (CP)
* Jenny Torroledo (JT)
* Angie Camargo (AC)
Topics:* Since and for
* Simple Past
* Present Perfect
* Gradable and absolute adjectives
* Criticism and generalizations
Theme: Extreme Sports
AC: Hi, how are you?
JT: Fine, and you?
AC:Absolutely exciting
JT: Why?
AC: Because I went to practice bungee jumping
JT: Really, But you sometimes tends to be a little bit nervous!
AC: That wasn’t the case, because I went with Carolina, lookhere she comes!
CP: Hello. How you doing
AC: Good, good. I was telling her what we did the last weekend
CP: Yeah, was pretty nice
JT: And where did you go?
CP: Outside of the city
AG: Hey was up?
AC.Hey would you like go with us this weekend to practice extreme sports
CP: Do you know a place to go?
AG: Yes I know a place absolutely fabulous
JT: That’s great
AG: Yes, it calls Prontus X, and Igo there since 2007
AC: Well it’s a long time I have been practice only for five weeks, but is kind of exhausting go every weekend
JT: And what sports do you practice?
AG: Climbing, canoeing andparagliding
AC: Well I only practice bungee jumping
CP: Oh!!! But you can be a little bit frightened
JT: Yes I told her the same
AC: At the beginning I was scare but my bungee jumping teacher help me tocontrol my fear to the highs and since that moment every thing was totally cool
JT: I would like join to you the next time, what I have to do?
CP: Just you have to buy the implements and pay a littlefee and done!
JT: Do you want go with us?
AG: Yeah I could be totally hilarious
AC: Well so I call my instructor for made an appointment
CP: ok, so we see us this Saturday, at what time?
JT: Maybe at6:00 a.m. if you are ok with that
AG: So early
CP: No really at 6:00 am
AG: All right
JT: Lazy
AG: Well I have to go now, I have to go
CP: Ok bye
AC: I’m going to call the instructor...
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