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Carlos Martinez
Professor Bolaños
English 10-1
15 April 2010
Have you ever asked yourself what is terrorism? Or what’s the main point of terrorism? The true is that many people don’thave an exact idea of terrorism. It was coined during France's Reign of Terror in 1793-94. Originally, the leaders of this systematized attempt to weed out "traitors" among the revolutionary rankspraised terror as the best way to defend liberty, but as the French Revolution soured, the word soon took on grim echoes of state violence and guillotines. One of many definitions of the word terrorism isthat is a un lawful act of violence. This violent act is intended to create fear. Terrorism is a term with a negative connotation, used to describe certain acts committed by political groups orpersons. It is a derogatory term used by the opposing faction to describe practices they feel are unfair or irrational. Virtually no political entity would consider themselves terrorists.
Terrorist usedeadly threats to create fear, panic, and to transmit their ideals by public action. Some examples of the threats are: kidnapping, bomb attack and nuclear weapons. There are many types of terrorism butthey all agree quarts the same goal, to achieve political, religious and ideological objective. "Intended to cause death or serious bodily harm to civilians or non-combatants with the purpose ofintimidating a population or compelling a government or an international organization to do or abstain from doing any act" this is how the United Nations Secretary General described the terrorism. ( placethe name of the person)
This unpredictable violence may cost economic and physiological effect on the nation. Government facilities, international airports, high profile landmarks are some examplesof High-Risk targets. Terrorist act are caused with intention to political effect. "Terrorist attacks" usually are characterized as "indiscriminate", the "targeting of civilians", or as executed...
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