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Life and Work Listening Sample Items Administration Packet

CASAS Life and Work Listening Sample Items for Instructional Use


Life and Work Listening Sample Items – Levels A, B, C
for Instructional Use Only Purpose The purpose of these sample items is to familiarize students with CASAS listening items and give students practice in taking a CASAS listening test. They containtypical questions students will encounter in the Life and Work Listening Series, levels A, B, and C (Forms 81-86). Practicing with these sample items should make future testing go more smoothly and may help reduce student test-taking anxiety. Use The Life and Work Listening Sample Items are not intended to be a predictor of any kind for any CASAS test, and should not be used for level placement oras an assessment of ability. They cannot be used for standardized reporting of scores. They are meant only to familiarize students with CASAS testing. Use the sample items form appropriate for your students’ skill level. Testing To use the sample items in the classroom: download, print and copy test booklets for use by students (Level A only); download the audio portion of the test onto a CD.Download test administration directions and scripts for instructor use only. Answer sheets are also needed. Answer keys appear below.

Answer Keys
Level A 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. A C A C B C Level B 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. C B C C C B Level C 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. B B A A B C

QUESTIONS? If you have any questions regarding the CASAS Life and Work Listening Sample Items, please contact the Item and TestDevelopment Department at 800-255-1036.

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Directions for Administering CASAS Life and Work Listening   Level A Sample Items 
Testing materials needed:  ●  one test booklet per examinee  ●  number 2 pencils with erasers  ●  answer sheets  ●  CD    BEFORE TESTING  1. Review the test materials.   2.Make sure there is a functioning CD player to use. Locate START and PAUSE buttons.  NOTE: You can only pause the CD when you hear a beep. The purpose for pausing at the beep is to  check for understanding and make sure everyone is in the right place. Be sure to hit PAUSE, not STOP,  or the CD will go back to the beginning. If this occurs, refer to the track description (on back) to see which track to go to to return to where you were. Do not replay any test question on the CD or read  the script instead of playing the CD.  3. Check the volume to make sure it is at an appropriate level.  TEST INSTRUCTIONS  1. Allow adequate space between students. Even though students are not taking an actual test, it is  important to simulate the testing experience.  2. Ask students to turn off their cell phones.   3. Tell students not to talk or get help from other students during the test.  4.Explain to students they will practice taking a test. The purpose is to find out their ability to listen to  and understand spoken English. There are three parts. They will listen to a CD and mark answers A,  B or C on an answer sheet. It will take about 15 minutes.  5. Pass out the answer sheets and pencils.  6. Have students fill out their name and other information on the answer sheet.   7.Demonstrate on the whiteboard how to fill in the bubbles properly.    8. Pass out the test booklets. [The test booklet is used in Part 1 only.] Tell students not to mark in the  test booklet and not to open the test booklet until they are told to do so on the CD.  GIVING THE TEST  1. When the class is ready, start the CD. Every time you hear a beep, pause (not stop) the CD. (See  NOTE above.)  2.At the end of the practice for each part of the test, make sure students are on the correct number  on their answer sheets.  3. At the end of Part 1 pick up the test booklets and explain that for the rest of the test the questions  and answers are only said on the CD.  4. When everyone is finished, collect the test booklets. You may discard the answer sheets.   ...
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