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Love as addiction: a view of adolescents
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Love is considered the most powerful and important element. But love can grow into strange emotions and behaviors and / or diversion of certain relationships passionate and irrational. To make an analysis is of note that a lot of young people affected by this emotion, so his methodical and proper measurement isessential. Love addiction is one of the new "non-substance addiction, but is possibly as old as man himself. Some works have studied this phenomenon and found that involves an irresistible urge to have a partner and be with her, prioritization of the person subject of addiction with respect to any other activity, constant concern for access it should not be present ( "dependency"); suffering thatcan be devastating on break with anxious or depressive episodes, further loss of self esteem, hostility, feelings of failure, etc.., and use addiction to compensate for psychological needs. The love addict suffers absorption by a partner of most of his life, he distanced himself from his friends and family and may even neglect their job responsibilities by trying to stay side by side, whoidealizes, apologizing repeatedly and understood when watchful against dignity. Is intense jealousy unmotivated, because every moment he is afraid she will lose the source of all their security, tranquility and welfare. The characteristic of this extreme distortion of passionate love, is the total uncontrollability of the strong emotions tied to a person who has no merit objectively or not enough tojustify the unconditional surrender. People addicted to love to fall further insist again and again in this kind of destructive relationship with different partners, and moreover, it seems that explicitly seek These people are attracted to inappropriate individuals to create a pair "healthy", for example chosen (because it is a choice) to beings incapable of engaging emotionally. That is, individualswho for one reason or another are emotionally unavailable. They interpreted these features as signs that this subject is needed and try to help, save, heal or change the power of his love. . Arriving at an advanced point of addiction, if a person of the couple is trying to distance or to stop the relationship, there is the "withdrawal" (like any addict who was suspended the use of a drug) a state ofdeep physical and mental pain, empty feeling, insomnia, crying, anguish, self blame, fear, etc.. The root of this obsession is not love but fear. . Fear of being alone, abandonment, not being worthy, to be ignored. Throughout this process there is deterioration of self-esteem, dependency is increasing and more damaging. The factor called Unit, refers to the process of submission, subordination orobedience, physical or psychological addiction that is the beloved. Here are the items that express the unhealthy dependence on the other, feel like your life revolves around it, which is the source of great satisfaction and that without this person nothing makes sense. The factor called Compelling Need refers to the urgency of having the couple as to his absence the person suffering, pain,despair, collecting lost and disoriented. Jealousy factor has to do with the fear that the loved one may prefer someone else, I felt he would die if that happened. Because of this fear, the person feels a loss of control and continuous monitoring wishes other. This dimension In the case of the teenage version were obtained separately two factors: the factor called organic Physiological aspectsevaluated that the individual experiences when his love object is absent and lose sleep and have a great emptiness in the stomach, and the factor of negative emotion that has to do with mood disorders such as panic, anger and fear experienced by not having close to the couple. Resistance factor, concerns the emotional challenges, cognitive and behavioral individual toward making him feel the object of...
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