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The scary monster
The scary monster. Rocío Cumplido. Cuentos infantiles en ingles. One night a year witches and demons go out to walk a bit, but when I was six I didn’t want to go to sleep, becausein my bedroom there was a monster who wanted to catch my dreams. Escuche The scary monster.
Halloween night
Halloween Night. Elizabeth Segoviano, escritora mexicana. Poema de Halloween en idiomainglés. Ilustración de Elizabeth Segoviano. Comeone comeone! I summon you all! In this magical night of windy fall! Escuche Halloween night.
Sancho moves to America
Sancho moves to America. RocíoCumplido, escrirtora española. Cuentos infantiles en ingles The first rays of sunshine were coming into Ashley’s bedroom, but Sancho had already been awake for hours; he could not sleep well last night.Escuche Sancho moves to America.
The legend of Dralion
The legend of Dralion. Elizabeth Segoviano. Escritora mexicana. Cuentos infantiles en idioma inglés. Leyendas infantiles en inglés. Nothing iseternal, only time … altough … sometimes, just sometimes there are acts that survive everything and become legends, this is one of those few deeds that have vanquish eternity … the legend of Dralion.Escuche The [...]
When do stars shine the most?
When do stars shine the most? Liana Castello, written from Argentina. Transleted and ilustrated by Elizabeth Segoviano. Dindon was a little joyfulinquisitive elf. He was amazed and touched by every single thing. He was sensitive and very curious, he was making questions all the time, and not just that. If he wasn´t please with [...]
Pirotin ´s treasure. Liana Castello, writter from Argentina. Ilustrated and translate by: Elizabeth Segoviano. There are many stories about pirates and treasures. pirates with an eye patch,scarfs on their heads, wooden legs and talking parrots. And they all are great treasure seekers. But this isn´t a story about any pirate, this is the story [...]
The fairy of the birds
The fairy of the...
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