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Only money brings people total satisfaction - No. I happiness is a choice. Nothing really bring happiness or make you happy unless you let it. There are so many ungrateful rich people in this world and all they want is more. When they get more, they still aren't happy and still want more! Then, there are some who get by pay check to pay check and our extremely happy because they have everythingwe need. Besides, when you die, does that money go with you? Are you buried with your merchandise? Why does it really matter? If you have enough money to put food on the table, keep a roof over your head, clothes on your back, to keep yourself and/or your family in good health, then why would you be unhappy? 2 Definitely rich. I don't really care about fame if I have the money to buy what I want,be with my family, don't have to work, and get to pursue my dreams without worrying about the money. I personally don't think being famous is all that fun. Not that I have been, but I mean it doesn't look like fun. What if you want to have private time or whatever? I mean, I'd generally rather be nonfamous than famous even without the rich factor
Political polls o Everest - Ever I went withmy friends to the mountain. Idon't remember a lot of details - except for one particular trip. After we had set up our tent and eaten, we got into our sleeping bags and soon we were all sleeping. Then, during the night, it began to rain At first, the noise was quite pleasant - that is, until the first drop carne through the tent. That drop was followed by another, and then another. Before we knewit, our tent was full of water! Finally, cold, wet and shivering, we packed our things into the car and went to look for a hotel. had been a bit annoying but it was fun. 2 To start, we should must devise to design a long term plan and strategy, which are referred strengths and weaknesses of the country, like natural territory, resources, human resources, culture transport and technology. Ispecially would revise the old laws, I would lower taxes and improve social policies. I would propose better education for children and young people and a better quality of health services. Anyway we should to choose better to our politicians and we should ask more of them.
Designer babies - So, it's ethically/morally ok to affect a child to serve the parents' ends. That covers pretty much everythingabout the looks, sex, personality, of a child. The child is a thing for the parents' pleasure. Actually, however awful that last sentence seems, it is probably the case that parents have children (when they plan to) for their own ends. So, that objection does not seem to hold up under current ethical norms or practices. It's a question similar to that of having a child to benefit another child.Somehow the latter (if it is not killed for organs) probably suffers as much as any younger sibling, and turns out as well. So, what's wrong with producing a blond, blue-eyed intelligent athlete.
Escape to Africa – 1 F / F; 2 it gets enough energy fron the sun and uses little water; the regret not having gone to live in gambia before; 3 most of the time / tired / moved / certain; 4 the have beenliving in the gamboa for eithteen are months / we bought the haouse such was very cheap. What does your home mean to you? It means so much to me. Our homes are a place we spend most of out time at. We can sit down and relax and just be ourselves in our homes with no outside interference. Our homes mean so much to us because it is a place we can spend time with our family. A home is much more thenjust a place to live it is your palace. It's not only where you keep your things. It is the only place you can go that you feel so laid back and comfortable being there. When you look for a place to live it usually takes some time. It is because it has to be a place that you feel safe in and a place where you would like to spend alot of time. Our homes can bring such happy memories to us over our...
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