Thanks giving task

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Thanks Giving Task
September 29
The traditional celebration of the Thanksgiving Day started in Munich with the wedding of Luís I of Bavaria and the princess Teresa of Saxony-Altenburgo. It was celebrating for 5 long days in honor of the dynasty of the little kingdom and started on October 12 in1810, four years after of the proclamation of Baviera's kingdom. The prince makes history for the great architectural remodeling in Munich. During the celebration there were drawers parades of the National Guard, horses careers, music and food, and were invite the citizens of Munich.
The feasts were celebrate like a national party in all Baviera to reinforce the union between the bávaras regions ofAltbayern, Franken, Schwaben and the Pfalz.
Like a closing of the feasts, after of the ceremony there was a horse’s career in the grassland where was in fornt of the city a door. The career was organized by the high middle class from Munich and of course by the real family. In Honor of the wife this grassland was baptized like "Theresien-Wiese".
By the great success of the first celebration, thefeasts continue every year to consolidating this tradition. With the time, was changed the date to September, to the utilization of the more comfortable temperature, the celebration start the first Saturday after on September 15 and during for 16 days.
During the celebration of 1910 were served 12 000 hectoliters of beer and was created a stadium whit capacity for 12 000 guests. Year after yearincrement the guest’s number, to reach 7 million of persons and of course increment the beers liters.
Countries where are celebrated this tradition
This tradition was shared in other world places where live german immigrants, for example:
* In Mexico the celebration is in most traditional German fashion, with the Mexican fiesta kick. Typical German food and keg beer are available. A hand craftmarket and amusement rides are also set up.
* In Chile where the Oktoberfest is celebrate in Molloco on the last weekend of October and the first November week
* In Argentina the celebration is in Villa General Belgrano, the celebration is known like “Beer National Party”
* In Belgica in the Liege city where arrive a lot of spanish guests
* In Peru in Lima city
* In Brazil inBlumenau city where arrive tourist of around the country
* In Germany in Munich where all this started
* In Canada in Kitchener city
* In Estados Unidos in Cincinnati city
* In England in the city of London
* In Vietnam the celebration has been held in Ho Chi Minh City since 1992.
How is the celebration?
The president opens at 12 o’clock the first barrel of beer in Schottenhamel. Thefests is opening when the he shout “O 'zapft is!” it mean “It’s open”. Immediately are listening twelve shots from a stair of a statue which represents Baviera. This sing mean that all the Wiesnwirte can start to serve.
According with the tradition, the president takes the first maß (liter of beer) then all the barrels are open to serve the other people.
Year after year all are exiting to known thequantity of blows that the president will need to open the barrel, even they make bets. The record is in two blows, but in 1950 a president use 19 blows.
The next Oktoberfest will be on 18 de September to 3 de October
Guests consume large quantities of food, most of which consists of traditional hearty fare. Readily available all over the fairgrounds are Hendl, whole chickens grilled on aspit and typically sold in halves. Variations are the spit-roasted duck or goose. Roasted meats, especially pork, and potato dumplings are served up with the traditional red cabbage and apple dish (Blaukohl). Local specialties such as roasted ox tails, grilled pork knuckles, or Bavarian Weißwürste, steamed white veal sausages served with sweet mustard, sauerkraut, and a pretzel or bread roll are...
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