The Architect, A Hidden Mind In World Waiting For Knowledge

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The Architect, a hidden mind in world waiting for knowledge

To talk about the role of the architect, we first have to talk about the role of Architecture in our society and how it affects ourlives. In some way, we are the reflection of where we live, and where we live is mostly the result of the architecture that we have created. For that reason, Architecture is a fact that defines part ofour society’s behavior. However, what percent of the Architecture that has been done was made by architects? May be talking about a 10% stills being a high rate, but that does not means that theother 90% cannot be called “Architecture”.
If we are saying that a very high majority of the world’s Architecture has been done by ordinary people, then why do we need architects? Well, maybe that isthe reason why we specially need them. In a world where everyone can be an Architecture’s creator, should exist some kind of guide that could tell the others how to follow the right way. The today’sproblem is that most of the Architects do not even know their role and duty in our society, or are least they seem to not being watching what is in front of their eyes.
Selfishness, ambition andthe ego of thinking that nobody can build or design a building without them is just an illusion of trying to deny the real truth. Of course it is easier to have always this other 90% to inculpate aboutthe problems that our cities have, that accepting the responsibility to guide them and share their “precious” knowledge.
How do Architects and Planners can talk about creating perfect cities ifthey do not have design, or have tried yet, the tools to reach all those people that will never have the goods to hire an architect, but that even this fact, they still having the same right than theothers of enjoying Architecture?. We could say that anybody can achieve, and will achieve in some way Architecture, and that is something that architects and nobody could handle. For that reason, the...
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